The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting everyone. In response to this situation, we are taking care of all of our clients by heavily cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting all high and medium touch areas using our medical grade and commercial strength solutions.
"From the beginning this had been nothing but a seamless process, Jess has been fabulous with helping to keep our facility looking top notch. Communication is easy and plentiful. Any concerns are immediately addressed. Couldn't be happier!
Drew - PT For Life
  • Feeling like you're NOT getting what you pay for from your current cleaning providers?
  • ​Uninsured/underinsured cleaning companies? 
  • ​Taking time out of your busy schedule to reach your cleaning company?
  • ​Seeing different cleaning crews in your space every few weeks?
  • ​Wondering what your cleaners actually do around here?
  • ​Dealing with a service provider that has ZERO accountability?

Then Click The Link Below & Let's Get Started!

The 'Leave It To Us' Guarantee
Focus on more important areas of running your business while we handle all things cleaning related!
Super Reliable
No missed days or we'll credit you a WEEK!
*a ‘missed’ day is a no call/no show
Very Consistent
Weekly and Bi/weekly quality control checks conducted by the Kinderklean Quality Management team ensuring your cleaning is always an A+ Rating
Safety & Security 
All cleaners are background checked and in uniform when onsite. This ensures our cleaners are good people and easy to identify 
Reach Us When You Need Us
Attentive & Friendly Customer Service with 24/7 access
Full General Liability Insurance. This ensures that your space is always not only cleaned thoroughly nightly, but is covered from any and all unforseen events.   
Daily Disinfecting Practices
We have you covered not only during this pandemic but before and after any future pandemics. High touch areas like phones, door knobs, light switches, etc will all be cleaned and disinfected. 
"Kinderklean is the perfect commercial cleaning solution for any business owner that is in need of a 'one of a kind' and high quality commercial cleaning service.  
Shannon Carey - Three roots education
The Fantastic 8 
8 Benefits For You And Your Business When You 'Leave The Cleaning To Us'
  • Visitors and staff will compliment the cleanliness of your office space.
  • You will always be able to reach us when you need us; with your preferred method of communication.
  • You’ll know exactly what your cleaning service is doing and what schedule each task is being completed.
  • Less distractions for you and your staff. You’ll never have to come in early, stay late, or otherwise take time out of your day to clean your facility.
  • You will finally view your cleaning budget as a worthwhile investment.
  • You will always be able to ‘feel’ the difference of a clean office after each visit from your cleaning service.
  • ​Immediate peace of mind knowing your space is safe from liability because your professional cleaning service produced a Certificate of Insurance specifically for your space.
  • ​A company that guarantee’s their work is a company you can trust and rely on.
What Else Can YOU Expect?
  • More Productive Staff : With our daily disinfecting practices, you'll have less germ spread which will cut down on employee sick leave.
  • ​Professional Equipment & Solutions : We use & supply EVERYTHING needed to clean every area of your space. This one should be obvious but believe it or not a lot of our clients reveal that THEY were supplying their previous cleaning providers with everything needed. 
  • ​Save Time : When you leave the cleaning to Kinderklean, you are also leaving behind the time wasting activities of cleaning up the areas 'they' missed the night before and also the time wasted trying to get 'them' on the phone.
  • ​​Piece Of Mind : You'll start every work day knowing that your place is not only clean, but also that all of your high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, phones, etc have been disinfected.


Medical Facilities 
Car Dealerships
General Office Spaces
Multi-Tennant Commercial Buildings

KinderKlean is fully insured to protect your facility and our employees. Upon signature of the Service Agreement, every client receives a 'Certificate of Insurance'.

Meet Our Co-founders, Mike & Jess
Don’t let his young age fool you, but Mike has been working in the commercial cleaning industry for over 20 years. Back when he was 6 years old, he accompanied his father to ‘cleaning accounts’ and began helping with the simpler tasks of serving commercial offices and buildings.

As Mike got older, he stepped out of his role as ‘apprentice’, took on his first job as a cleaner for his Uncle’s business, and grew a passion for one day building his own cleaning company.

Jess, having received a BA in Marketing from Quinnipiac University, has worked in business management and customer service; with the bulk of her professional career in recruiting.

By the end of 2014, Mike & Jess brought their complimenting strengths together and started a cleaning company in Bronx, NY with the commercial cleaning franchise Vanguard Cleaning Systems. After almost 3 years under the Vanguard umbrella, they eventually moved to Danbury, CT, sold their franchise, and independently launched KinderKlean.

Now they strive to create a different experience and conversation around the world of commercial cleaning. Through decades of experience and an obsession with creating efficient systems, their biggest mission is to be the last cleaning decision you will ever have to make.
"Kinderklean is every bit as advertised. Very professional, and their attention to detail is astonishing. Multiple thumbs up!"
Tom Lynch 
Ready To Leave The Cleaning To Us?
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